True Blood: Pearls of ‘Wisdom’ from Jason Stackhouse

For my friend Carrie, and other Ryan Kwanten fans, here’s a Jason Stackhouse special.

We all know Sookie’s brother Jason is a pretty boy with killer charm but there’s not a lot going on upstairs is there?

However this makes for some of the funnier moments in the books and TV series as illustrated by the following pictures.

King of stating the obvious but who cares when he looks like that?

Jason Stackhouse shows his small town mentality

The lightbulb comes on eventually - bless

The Fellowship of the Sun's brainwashing makes Jason surprisingly generous

But the Fellowship haven't made him any smarter...

Quite possibly the most bizarre yet funny thing he's ever said

Jason finally gets his own back on the deranged Reverand Newlin

And finally, a classic Apocalypse Now misquote!

Hope everyone in the UK enjoys the next episode of season 3 tonight on FXUK

And to the rest of you, I hope you enjoyed the pictures.



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