Sims 3: Immortal Dynasty Challenge – Ambrose Family – Part 1

I’ve had to replace my harddrive on my laptop and have since struggled to get back into simming.

As a part of getting myself back on track I’ve decided to try out the Immortal Dynasty Challenge from Carl’s Sims 3 Guide. This may turn out to be an act of lunacy as the rules are very restrictive and I’m not great at sticking to rules as I tend to get caught up in the sims life instead. However, a good sims friend Teresa has done a great job of it and documented it on her blog.

Anyway, here goes nothing….literally as the sim starts out with almost nothing.

Part 1 – Starting Out:
Meet Pandora Ambrose, this pretty young lady has no idea how hard life is about to be for her.
She moved to Barnacle Bay hoping for an easy life on the remote island.
But as she is to be the founder of an immortal family then she will have to work long and hard to obtain the skills and items needed to achieve the (almost) impossible.
Her traits are: Green Thumb, Handy, Ambitious, Neat & Dramatic

After spending most of her money on land, this little studio shack is all she could afford

Gardening will be a skill she’ll rely heavily on so the first thing she does is to plant a few basic seeds

She also has to spend a lot of time at the library with her nose stuck in a book to gain those skills

Back at home, lacking in chairs, Pandora opts to eat dinner on the loo.
Thankfully its clean.

Finally, exhausted, she sinks into her only luxury bit of furniture: Her bed.

The next day Pandora starts work at the local science facility as a Test Subject.
Luckily all the medicines she’s tried so far have had positive effects.

After work she indulges in a spot of fishing which will be another vital skill needed.
Luckily its also very relaxing.

Pandora is very pleased with her first catch.
I think she could do with a LOT more practice though.

Back at home she waters the weeds.
I’m not sure that was entirely sensible.
But she is still learning.

After a few pay packets she’s able to slightly extend the house and finally buys some chairs.

Living alone means that the cleaning is left a long time until it REALLY needs doing.

At last her little garden is growing and she’s realised that weeds are not a part of the plant.

Pandora also seems to be something of a natural cook.
She has never burnt a meal yet.

She calls a cab to visit some neighbours.
The driver was a bit over zealous with his parking.
I can feel a compensation claim coming on.

She gets on really well with King of Geek-Chic Lee-Roy.
She finds him cute in a unique kind of way.
Lee-Roy makes her laugh with amusing stories about his housemates.

Pandora’s dedication at work has earned her a promotion to Lab Technician.
It’s still not glamourous however and she often brings home lab equipment to scrub in the sink for the next day.

She spends some of her promotion money on a slight remodel of the shack and a bookcase.

Saturday morning and Pandora is up at dawn taking the first harvest from her garden

She treats herself to a mid-morning brunch of hotdogs in the park

That evening, fed up of doing everything alone, Pandora invites Lee-Roy around and proposes to him.

He accepts and they get married on the spot, this is the cheapest option as neither have much money.

It may seem a bit rushed but the pair are very much in love

With the money Lee-Roy brought with him they extend the studio shack and buy a few bits of furniture to make it a more welcoming place.

Ironically Lee-Roy’s life time wish was to marry a rich sim.
Seeing as that hasn’t happened I’ll have to build up his reward points and change that wish when I’m able.
However he doesn’t seem too bothered about the lack of cash so I must assume he really loves Pandora.
His traits are: Couch Potato, Good Sense of Humor, Unlucky, Daredevil, Party Animal
Here they are on their wedding night:

On their first day as a married couple they are a portrait of domestic bliss with Pandora cleaning while Lee-Roy gets to work on his painting skills that will be needed to paint a portrait of Pandora very soon.

Well that’s my start made and I’ve indulged in plenty of custom content also which is helping to prettify the game.
Wish me luck with the rest!


To read Part 2 Click here


16 thoughts on “Sims 3: Immortal Dynasty Challenge – Ambrose Family – Part 1

  1. Nice start, I am going to enjoy watching the updates.

    I love her dress, is that from the Store? It looks sort of familiar, meaning I have seen it but don’t have it. 🙂

    • Hi Teresa 🙂 I hoped you’d stop by seeing as you did so well on yours!
      Yes that outfit is from the store – it’s one of the new ones this month (recoloured of course)

      • I will have to check out the new stuff as soon as I can get some more points. I have you bookmarked so I will see all your updates 🙂 Actually I am subscribed… LOL

  2. I’m going to have to check out this *Immortal Dynasty* Challenge. So far so good Kat! I understand the need for something to get you back into the game, challenges usually are the best way ;0) xx

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  9. Aww this is super cute. Just starting my dynasty challenge now, and reading this has given me some ideas. On a side note though, how come you have so much money? My sim was sleeping in a sleeping bag for over a week haha

    • Hi Alys – thanks for reading this I hope that your challenge is going well?

      I just kept the house as small as possible and used cheap furniture. CC helps with that. lol
      Also the science career pays pretty well!

  10. I know this is a very late comment, but is that all customized furniture, the bed and couch and the rug later? How did you do that? it looks so pretty and cool.

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