Sims 3: Immortal Dynasty Challenge – Ambrose Family – Part 2

This is Part 2 of my attempt at the Immortal Dynasty Challenge.
To read Part 1 go HERE.

Part 2

After the excitment of their wedding Lee-Roy and Pandora Ambrose found sleeping together blissful
In fact Lee-Roy was in such a romantic spin that he forgot to take off his glasses.

But as word of their nuptuals spread it seemed that an unseemly element was attracted to their shack

The criminal was unable to find anything of high value so he did something perverse and stole their toilet!

The police turned up about an hour too late and suggested Lee-Roy install an alarm.
“Gee officer, I would but at 800 plus simoleons it’s asking a bit much of our budget!”
Somehow Pandora managed to snore her way through the whole drama.

The Ambroses’ luck doesn’t seem to get any better when their shower springs a leak.

The next day after work, Pandora feels the need to clear her mind.
So after picking up a new loo and an alarm from the DIY store she heads to the ocean for a spot of fishing.

But peace and quiet is hard to come by when you’re a rising star in the Science world.
A scientific journalist appeared to be stalking her.

Unnerved by the invasion of privacy Pandora runs home into the reassuring arms of her hubby.

However their run of bad luck continues when the sink copies the shower.

Lee-Roy spends his days and nights throwing paint on a canvas in a desperate attempt to reach the level where he can paint a portrait of his wife before she ages up.
He also decides to turn his dedication to art into a career and has started quite a lucrative dealership.

Pandora meanwhile is still happily getting dirt under her fingernails in the garden – it’s her ‘zen’ place.

The fruits of her labour are appreciated at the dinner table as Lee-Roy exclaims
“Nothing tastes better than food made with produce from our own garden!”

After work the next day Pandora is invited to City Hall to give a speech about the latest research at the plant.
She is a bit starstruck when she meets Mayoress Goldbeard.

But she had nothing to worry about.
Both women are equally impressed by the other’s drive and ambition.

As Pandora has managed to get promoted to level 4 of the science career they have a bit of money to spend on extending the shack and upgrading some of the furnishings.

For an entire week Lee-Roy has been painting almost non stop.
Seeing how exhausted he is I allow him a nap the evening of his birthday.

Pandora has secretly invited all his closest friends to celebrate with them.

Lee-Roy’s unlucky trait strikes again when the cake catches fire and he has to put it out with a chemical fire extinguisher.

Take two is more sucessful and he becomes fully mature.

It turns out that Pandora will never accept one of Lee-Roy’s friends in her house as she has discovered he is a slob.
This has made her inner neat freak panic and she wants him out.

Hubby sensibly guides her away from his friend before she says something they might both regret.

Later that evening they chat excitedly about how happy they are growing old together.
But they are both exhausted and opt to go straight to sleep rather than mess around.

And sleep they do.
Way past the alarm, Pandora has to run off to work without having a shower.

While Pandora is at work Lee-Roy gets back on with his painting.
He seems to have recreated some birds from popular i-phone game Angry Birds.

As more and more household appliances break, Pandora finds herself putting her work skills to good use.

But despite all that life sends to try them Pandora and Lee-Roy still seem to be a happy couple.

The night before Pandora’s birthday Lee-Roy finally has a high enough painting skill to paint her portrait.
So he gets his wife to stand as still as she can to pose for him.

The next day he presents his wife with his unique birthday present.
“It’s er…quite something honey.” She says politely

Thoughts of the unusual portrait are soon forgotten as her friends gather to celebrate her entering Mature Adulthood.

The middle-aged couple enjoy a dance together.

Pandora is honoured to have her new friend Mayoress Goldbeard at the party.
The Mayoress is courting controversy dancing with the much younger and shirtless Don Juan Jr.

Lee-Roy goes all gooey-eyed and tells his wife how proud he is of her on her special day

His words have quite an effect as Pandora drags him off to the bedroom before her party has even ended.

Well that’s the end of part 2.
I honestly didn’t think I’d manage to get Lee-Roy skilled up quick enough to paint that portrait but I made it just in the nick of time!

Watch out for more. I need to get these two with the baby-making and soon!


To read Part 3 go HERE


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