Sims 3: Immortal Dynasty Challenge – Ambrose Family – Part 3

This is Part 3 of my attempt at the Immortal Dynasty Challenge.
To read from the beginning go HERE.

Part 3

After work Pandora was feeling a little burnt out, in more ways than one.
An experiment at the Science facility had gone awry.

Luckily it was nothing a quick shower couldn’t fix

Her attention to gardening was paying dividends but she decided that a self watering sprinkler would aid it futher.
So she got to work frantically bashing away at the sprinkler with a hammer.

After a shocking day at work and hard graft in the garden there was nothing Pandora enjoyed more than some attention from her artist husband Lee-Roy.

His devotion to his wife led him to paint a second portrait of her now that she had reached 40 years old.

With Lee-Roy busy painting Pandora is able to indulge in some fishing to celebrate yet another promotion.

Once she returns home her husband thinks up another way to celebrate her sucess.

Pandora is also trying hard to make more friends so she invites neighbor Sylvia Agee and her boss from work over for dinner.
Sylvia seems impressed with how clean Pandora’s little home is. Pandora laments that she wishes for a better TV.

Meanwhile Lee-Roy has completed the second portrait of his wife.
It is far superior to the original but still heavy on the use of red paint.
They display both in the new spare room with a photo of Pandora in the middle for comparison.

Pandora thanks her Lee-Roy and tells him how much she loves him.

The loved up couple soon retire to the bedroom again.

The couple that gets clean together…stays together apparently.
The new addition of a bath helps with this of course 😉

A few days and another promotion later, Pandora feels a little ill in the morning before work.

She tried to ignore the feeling when showing a newcomer to the neighbourhood around the science facility.

However that evening it it becomes clear that there is a happy cause of her nausea, she is pregnant.

Work put her on maternity leave as she is due sooner than she’d realised so Pandora spends her time at the library reading about babycare and polishing up on her cooking, gardening & handiness skills.
The trashily dressed local clearly doesn’t appreciate the gas that Pandora now has no control over.

Back at home Lee-Roy’s painting is going from strength to strength with this emotional picture of a jilted bride.

Pandora manages to drag him away from his canvas long enough to take him out for dinner to announce her news.
Lee-Roy is extremely excited about being a Daddy.

A few weeks later they are sharing a joke at home when…

…Pandora goes into labour and Lee-Roy loses his cool!

But all goes well and they are soon proud parents of little boy Auguste.
He’s named after Pierre-Auguste Renior one of Lee-Roy’s favourite painters.
Auguste’s traits are Friendly & Athletic.

For a few weeks the couple don’t leave the house as they are fascinated by little Auguste.

They have also turned their new spare room into a nursary for him.

That first year seems to fly by and its soon time for Auguste to become a toddler.

He grows into a cute little man with his father’s squishy nose and mother’s blue eyes.

Lee-Roy is inspired by this milestone to paint Auguste’s first portrait.
This is no easy task as toddlers rarely sit still.

However Lee-Roy uses his artists eye to capture the moment his son laughs.
He hangs the finished portrait in the bedroom he shares with his wife.

Little Auguste seems to share his father’s artistic flair as he is fascinated by a book about art for children.

He also seems to enjoy spending time with his Dad which is good as Mum soon has to go back to work.

However having Auguste has changed Pandora and Lee-Roy’s habits somewhat.
Now when they head for the bedroom all they want to do is sleep!

So far so good.
Pandora is steadily advancing up the science career ladder, she’s planted her first life fruit in her garden and given birth to the second immortal. She still has a few things to complete before she can pick a deathflower and attempt to cook Ambrosia however. This challenge is certainly proving interesting!


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