Sims 3: Immortal Dynasty Challenge – Ambrose Family – Part 5

This is Part 5 of my attempt at the Immortal Dynasty Challenge.
To read from the beginning go HERE.

Part 5

Being the ambitious type, Pandora hadn’t spent much time learning how to interact with others.
When she laughed at work colleague Fern Annan for setting fire to the laboratory at work it wasn’t taken kindly.

Thankfully Fern saw the funny side however.

Somehow the two women became best of friends.
These science types are a bit odd, but they seem to understand each other.

Back at home while Auguste joins father Lee-Roy in the painting obsession,  Pandora shocks everyone, including me,  by burning a meal for the first time.

Her boys still try politely to eat the meal.
Auguste is a bit worried about his Dad when he chokes on some char-grilled burger.
“You okay Daddy?!”
“Fine son, just remember to take small bites okay?”

Lee-Roy is becoming renowned for his painting skills and even takes my breath away with this park scene.

Despite not being able to afford to extend their house the family get a limo to the park.
Go figure?!

Pandora wastes no time inducting her son into her love of fishing.

Lee-Roy seems to have attracted some unwanted flirtatious attention.
Pandora keeps a close eye on the situation.

Back at home Lee-Roy assures his wife that he only has eyes for her.

That weekend it’s Lee-Roy’s 60th birthday. His wife and son cheer him on as he blows out the candles.

Growing old seems to bring aches and pains with it.

His advancing years don’t seem to have affected his painting skills however as he paints Auguste’s childhood portrait.

On Monday it’s Auguste’s first day at school.
To get there he boards and eerily quiet school bus.

After school, he gets Dad to help him with his first set of homework.

Pandora is still busy indulging in her fishing hobby.
She often stays out long after work until the sun sets.

Back at home, while Auguste was playing with a school friend, Lee-Roy got electrocuted trying to fix the TV!

Pandora arrives home just in time to see the Grim Reaper arrive to take her husband.
This could be a massive setback for the dynasty.

But it seems Grimmy has a sense of humour and he decides to let Lee-Roy, the not-so-unlucky, live a bit longer.

Never has a sim been more happy to shake the hand of death.

Well this episode nearly gave me a heart attack. I cannot lose Lee-Roy just yet, his painting skills are essential.
Lets hope there aren’t too many more surprises like that in store.
It seems the unlucky trait isn’t so unlucky after all!


To read Part 6 go HERE


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