Sims 3 Bon Temps – Update – Sam Merlotte and His Trailer

For anyone who has been following the progress of my Sims 3 Bon Temps project I am pleased to present an update.

There is now an exclusive section for the project on my downloads website:

To go to the download project page click the logo above

Updated Map Pictures:

New Downloads:

Click Picture to go to Download Page

Click Picture to go to Download Page

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Sims 3: Immortal Dynasty Challenge – Ambrose Family – Part 6

This is Part 6 of my attempt at the Immortal Dynasty Challenge.
To read from the beginning go HERE.

Part 6

After Lee-Roy’s near death experience the Ambrose family went back to life as usual

Pandora got blown up at work again, that happens a lot at the science facility,
but today she didn’t mind as she was promoted to level 9 and completed her lifetime wish!

Lee-Roy was too afraid to touch the broken TV again so after Pandora got cleaned up she took it on

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