Sims 3: Immortal Dynasty Challenge – Ambrose Family – Part 6

This is Part 6 of my attempt at the Immortal Dynasty Challenge.
To read from the beginning go HERE.

Part 6

After Lee-Roy’s near death experience the Ambrose family went back to life as usual

Pandora got blown up at work again, that happens a lot at the science facility,
but today she didn’t mind as she was promoted to level 9 and completed her lifetime wish!

Lee-Roy was too afraid to touch the broken TV again so after Pandora got cleaned up she took it on

She also used her promotion money to buy shares in the local pirate ship diner.

The garden Pandora had lovingly cultivated had paid off with both life fruit and deathflower bushes ripe with produce.

Auguste was doing well at school and was also making friends.

Both boys were quite well-behaved and waited until they were done with their homework before playing computer games. Lucky for them, their game had no bugs.

Pandora’s obsessive after work fishing got desired results when she hooked a few Angelfish.

Back at the home shack appliances kept insisting on breaking.
The washing machine made a huge mess of the floor.

Lee-Roy plucked up the courage to tackle it before it got out of hand.
But I soon wished he hadn’t bothered as another electric shock left him frazzled and my heart beating faster.

Young Ambrose was unconcerned by his father’s latest accident.
He’d come to think of Lee-Roy as indestructible.
So he contentedly pretended he was in a submarine while bathing.
Maybe it’s a form of denial?

Pandora loved her happy well-adjusted son and she told him so

She was also extremely loving to Lee-Roy.
She valued him more than ever since Grimmy had given him a second chance.

Now that she was at level 9 of her career she had a lot more free time to devote to studying as her working hours were much more relaxed.

And while Pandora studied cooking Lee-Roy helped their son with his homework.

Later the whole family came together to celebrate a landmark in Pandora’s life:
Her 60th Birthday.

She became a sophisticated older lady, who her boys clamoured to paint.
But she was still concerned about achieving everything on her life goals list.

That night the elder couple fell into a blissful cake induced sleep.

In keeping with her advancing years, Pandora found herself waking up much earlier.
She even had time to fix the washing machine and do the laundry before work.

However she still got excited about her job and set off confidently hoping to reach the top the career. Surely it wouldn’t be long now?

Well Pandora’s time is starting to slip through my fingers but she’s completed her lifetime wish, has 6 best friends and more than 3 life time rewards so now I really have to concentrate on completing the other necessary components before she can cook and eat some ambrosia and harvest the deathflower.


Click HERE to read part 7

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