Sims 3 Bon Temps – Update – Sam Merlotte and His Trailer

For anyone who has been following the progress of my Sims 3 Bon Temps project I am pleased to present an update.

There is now an exclusive section for the project on my downloads website:

To go to the download project page click the logo above

Updated Map Pictures:

New Downloads:

Click Picture to go to Download Page

Click Picture to go to Download Page

Click Picture to go to Download Page

To see a Slideshow of all the work on this project so far click HERE

All that’s left to do is decide what and who to make next!


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11 thoughts on “Sims 3 Bon Temps – Update – Sam Merlotte and His Trailer

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  2. Blimey Kat – I knew you were a True Blood fan, but had no idea how good you were at recreating the characters et al, in sim fashion! Absolutely brilliant, can’t wait to see even more of this 😉 xx

    • Thanks Lily 🙂
      my fangirl status is taking me to detailed simming work so hey its win win,
      the research invovled is SUCH a chore….honest… *snicker*
      What shall I make next? am not sure, I need a graveyard, a church, Jason’s house….hmmm decisions decisions.

  3. I’m currently trying to make my own trailer for Sam since I dont have outdoors and cant download your beautiful creation. I have your Merlotte’s and Sookie’s house and both are fantastic! Thanks so much! I’ve made a fantasia and I found a house in Bon Temps (Twin Brook) that I can try to modify like Bills. Graveyard and Jason’s would be good! The graveyard should be pretty easy. If you’re going to make a church and need some custom content for it, Around the Sims 3 have a WONDERFUL collection of church items (alter, baptismal font, bibles, windows, pews, chalice, organ etc). I made a small country-style church with itt and it turned out great! Thanks again for your beautiful creations!! 🙂

    • Thank you Cayley 🙂
      I’m really glad you’re enjoying my project.
      I think you can download lots despite not having certain packs, it just means that a few items would be missing which you can easily replace.
      But I’d love to see your work too if you’ve got any pictures anywhere 🙂
      I agree the church might need some CC but I am trying to keep this project as clean as possible. We shall see!

      • For some reason the outdoor packages wouldnt download, but I have fixed that since last night and I am LOVING all these creations! You are amazing! I have made a small little chapel/church for my Bon Temps. I got the inspiration for the design from a real old church in Louisiana. It has custom content, but to get the real church feel, I thought it needed it. You can check it out with the following link if you want:

        I am now working on my cemetery and possibly a small hospital, as I already made a hospital that I thought might be too big. I suppose I could just put it at the edge of town.

        Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease make Jason’s house! I would love that!! I’m going to try to find some pics of the apartments Sam owns and see if I could put a bunch of them somewhere with Arlene and Terry and perhaps Tommy.

        Keep up the excellent work and thanks so much for the downloads!!

      • Wow that little church is very realistic and the CC does add to it. Nice work.
        I’ll have to do some research for Jason’s house as there aren’t many pictures of it’s exterior around…darn means I’ll have to rewatch some episodes…shame….lol
        Sams apartments are also on my list as they house a lot of characters. That boy sure has some money stashed away!
        Keep me up to date with your project also, I love seeing what others do on this theme.

  4. Hello Miss KrazyAngelKat 😉
    first off i am a big fan off your builds 😀
    anyway i’m gonna go strait ahead and ask it cause i’m not sure how to ask lol 🙂
    I’m currently making a world that contains, houses mainly seen in TV series and even though i am working on a few True blood lots myself, there are some i’m just too bad at at making myself :-/ so i was wondering if i could use some off your lots in my world and ofcourse name you in the thread 😉 … .
    my world is far from done and i only started on it earlyer today, you can follow it right on the sims 3 site (link posted below), I hope you like what you see and hopefully too hear from you 😉

    greetings Ivinora

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