Sims 3: Immortal Dynasty Challenge – Ambrose Family – Part 7

This is Part 7 of my attempt at the Immortal Dynasty Challenge.
To read from the beginning go HERE.

Part 7

Pandora quite enjoyed being an Elder as it entitled her to be grouchy without having to apologise

Her advancing years hadn’t slowed her down however as she finally maxed out the cooking skill and could often be found doing fancy tricks with hot food in saucepans

Her son, Auguste, entered his teenage years with a bang at a house party.
His lifetime wish is to become Master of the Arts.

Husband Lee-Roy had become a master painter.
Every canvas he touched shone with his genius

He soon had Auguste’s teenage portrait painted, ready to hang with those of his wife

The Ambrose’s used money from Lee-Roy’s paintings to update Auguste’s bedroom into a teenage sanctuary

Pandora felt gratified when her hard graft at work paid off and she was promoted to Mad Scientist. She was now at the top of her career.

She used the money from her promotion to help her buy Hogan’s Deep Fried Diner

And she used some savings to purchase small fishing park Ophelia’s Fishing Hole and make enough upgrades to make it a level 3 property.

Auguste seemed to have inherited his mother’s love of fishing even if he wasn’t too impressed with his first catch

But with all her fishing experience, Pandora was overjoyed to catch her first Deathfish!

That weekend Auguste indulged in many of his favourite things.
These included jamming with his best friend Thomas Browser…

…painting while Mum once again fixed the troublesome TV that almost killed his father…

…and going on his first date with school friend Karie Hite.

Back at home his parents were making the most of their alone time.

That Monday, after work, Pandora decided she had worked hard long enough.
It was time for her to retire from Science much to the delight of Lee-Roy and Auguste.

As a celebratory gift the Ambrose’s decided to upgrade their house and put in a pool

One room of the enlarged house became a dedicated gallery for the immortals portraits

With Auguste at school, Dad Lee-Roy decides to test out the pool dressed as nature intended

Sadly that would be his last act of joy, as that night, whilst giving Auguste an art lesson, death came to take him. Permanently this time.

Pandora and Auguste did their best to comfort each other.

Pandora was philosophical about her husband’s passing.
She took it as the push needed to complete all the cooking skill challenges.

Pandora had now met all the requirements to eat the magical ambrosia and with her maxed out cooking skill she is able to make it.

From the first bite her elder life stage has reset to as young as it can be.
And with a deathflower in her pocket she is now my first immortal.

Pandora has worked very hard to attain immortal status.
She met her lifetime wish, maxed her career, super-maxed her cooking skill, purchased a building and a property (both fully upgraded), she has 6 best friends and has completed 6 opportunities and has portraits for every life stage.

Focus will now turn to her son Auguste and she will dedicate herself to learning her husband’s craft so she can paint Auguste’s adult portrait when the time comes.


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7 thoughts on “Sims 3: Immortal Dynasty Challenge – Ambrose Family – Part 7

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  2. Blimey Kat, I wished I’d checked back in before now – you really are sticking with this one. I’m going to have to go catch up on the chapters that I’ve missed! Are you still enjoying this, or are you simply *seeing it through*?

    • I have a determination with this one but also I’m really starting to care for the little family.
      But I can only play it when I’m wide awake as you really have to concentrate when playing it.
      I have a spreadsheet tracker and everything. lol

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