A Tribute to a great Simmer: Wendy (Hillcrest1414)

Today was the funeral of a long standing sims friend of mine, and of all the ladies at Neighborly Sims and the wider simming community. Wendy, otherwise known as Hillcrest1414 or simply Hillcrest, was the owner and creator behind Sims 3 Real Estate and she also contributed to many building projects at Neighborly Sims. She lost a battle with a brain tumour that was discovered too late for her to be saved despite us all praying otherwise.

The wider sims community will remember her as a talented builder of realistic and playable homes but she was so much more than that.

Wendy was a very classy lady, always happy to help others. She didn’t always get jokes that involved sarcasm but that innocence was a part of her charm. Outside of the sims community she was a wife, mother and more recently a grandmother. She was also a mum to two fur babies (cats). Her passing has left a hole in all of their lives as well as ours.

I wrote the following poem not long after she passed away:

An Ode to Wendy
Although we never saw your face we knew you deep inside
A very classy woman, that can never be denied.
You gave a gift of beauty to people around the world
And even in your darkest hour you never brought us down.
In our hearts and our creations a part of you will be
Forever on the internet, a long lasting legacy.
Our thoughts are with your family, those you left behind.
Let them grieve gracefully and in your memory rejoice.

Tribute Picture created by Psychedelicsim at Neighborly Sims

All of Wendy’s work for Sims 2 and Sims 3 has been moved to Neighborly Sims at the request of her husband Tony. It is our way of keeping her memory alive.

Love Kat x