Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 1

This is chapter 1 of Child of the Night.
If you have not already read the Prologue please go HERE

Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 1 – Where It All Began
The best way to explain how I came to be a vampire living in Bridgeport with my cousin is to tell you where I come from and how I came to be.

When I was born I was just like any other baby born into this world. Small, pink and wriggly. I ate the same food that other babies did and slept and cried just the same as them.

The only thing that made me stand out was the slight glow to my skin and the fact that the cats in my household seemed very inquisitive about me.

My world consisted of a bedroom that I shared with my mother Lucinda in a one level house in the rural town of Twinbrook. The house was shared with two cats and my Aunts Lena and Liana. In case you hadn’t guessed from the alliterative names, my mother and her sisters were triplets. I also had two older Uncles, Leonardo and Lucian, but they did not live with us.

Clockwise from top right: my mother Lucinda, her brothers Lucian and Leonardo and her fellow triplet sisters Liana and Lena

Both of my Aunts were in steady relationships. Aunt Liana was married and her husband lived with us and Aunt Lena was engaged to a work colleague. My mother Lucinda was not in a steady relationship. In fact my father, Kendrick Matthews, didn’t even live with us and we rarely saw him. I am told that he came to visit on occasion but that he never stayed for long.

My father on one of his rare visits to my mother and I

My mother didn’t seem too concerned, she threw most of her energy into her career in professional football. She had always been very sporty and had graduated from the private Dribbledine Sports Academy with honors.

As a toddler I was blissfully ignorant of the unusual circumstances surrounding my conception and birth. I spent my days happily playing and learning under the ever watchful eyes of the family cats Tigger and Rosa.

The first upheaval I ever experienced in my life occurred right after my Aunt Lena got married and moved her husband into our three bedroom home.

My mother decided that the house was getting a bit too crowded for her liking, so she packed up our things, put the cats and me in the car and moved us to our own two bedroom house.

She never said anything, but I believe that being surrounded by her happily married sisters while she brought me up on her own also played its part in her decision to move away from them.

Despite any emotional turmoil my mother might have been in, she did her best to help me settle into our new more solitary life. She read many books to me which kindled my later interest in writing fiction for a living.

She bought me a toy doll called Lucky that I often found myself talking too. Even at a young age I had a very active imagination.

And when I got really tired she would put me in a musical swing in the garden which would soothe me to sleep.  I enjoyed being outside in the sunshine, never suspecting it might one day be harmful to me in a way that no lotion could prevent.

Of course now that she didn’t have her sisters to help her look after me while she was at work, Mum had to employ professional babysitters. For the most part I ignored them and played with Lucky and the cats.

We were fully settled in our little house by the time of my 5th birthday. I remember feeling so proud of myself as I blew out those candles, I couldn’t wait to get a bit older. I’d been telling everyone I was 4 and 3/4 for what seemed like forever.

My birthday party was attended by most of my family including my Uncle Leonardo and even my father put in a surprise appearance.

But the memory of the party that sticks out most in my mind is that it was that day I first met my cousin Clara. Uncle Leonardo had brought his 7-year-old daughter along in the hope we would become playmates.

She was writing out her homework whilst I played with blocks. Compared to me she seemed more intelligent and sophisticated. Little did I know then that we would become much more than family playmates.  It was the start of a beautiful and enduring friendship.

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