Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 2

This is chapter 2 of Child of the Night.
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Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 2

The day I started school happened to coincide with the day my mother Lucinda was promoted to MVP within the Twinbrook Llamas football team. The extra money this brought in paid for the special Plasma Juice drinks which our Doctor had prescribed for my stable growth and development. They tasted slightly metallic but were oddly addictive so I didn’t question the decision.

With Mum busy at work I started to spend more and more time with my Cousin Clara. I would often go to her house after school. So often in fact that the bus driver soon stopped questioning where I needed to be dropped off every day.

We fell into a comfortable routine that included working on our homework together. I marveled at how smart Clara was at mathematics when I couldn’t even calculate the simplest equation.

Once our homework was done we would play tag in her garden. This was something that I found came easier to me as darkness fell. In fact I realised I felt more alive at night than at any other time of the day.

Not long after dark Mum would arrive to take me home. I always felt a little sad when I had to leave Clara, she was becoming more like a sister to me than an older cousin.

But the good thing about living with just my Mum was how close it enabled us to be. We would stay up late talking about our days and I would often fall asleep in her bed and she would let me stay there.

At the weekends Clara and I would spend our time causing chaos by running around my house having pillow fights. Mum would have had a fit if she saw all the mess we created, but I was smart enough to clear it away before she saw it. Time always seemed to fly when the two of us were playing together.

One weekend when Mum had to travel for an away match with the Llamas, and Clara’s family were out of town, my Dad Kendrick came to babysit me. I still knew very little about him, Mum rarely talked about him with me, all I knew was that she still loved him deeply.

He was in the military so I tried to impress him with my best salute and I called him “Sir” which seemed to make him smile. I longed to ask him why he didn’t live with us but didn’t feel I knew him well enough to ask such a personal question. So rather than rocking the boat I decided to enjoy what little time I had with him. I discovered that he shared my love of fiction and I was thrilled when he decided to read me a bedtime story.

On that Sunday evening Mum returned home. She came into the bedroom and lay down next to me just as Dad was tucking me in for the night. I was dropping off to sleep but not quite there so I overheard their whispered conversation.

“Thank you for taking such good care of her Kendrick, I really do appreciate it.”

“No need to thank me Lucinda, my love. She is our daughter and more special than she will ever know.”

Mum moved round the bed and held my father’s hand.

“I wish you could stay with us forever.” She said her voice trembling.

I heard my father sigh.

“I can’t. You know I can’t. I’m already in enough trouble with my clan for having a child with a human. If I came to live with you then that would be the end for me. I hate it but it’s true. I promise to always be there for Kendra.  She will need me when she matures.”

He held her and kissed her forehead. I heard a sob escape from her despite her struggling to hold it back.

“I love you Lucinda, I always will. Never forget that.”

And with that my father took his leave.

I didn’t have time to try understand the conversation I’d overheard, in fact sometimes I think the whole thing was a dream. We were awoken at 3 am by our cats making an almighty racket. It turned out that Rosa had chosen that early hour to bring her four kittens into the world. We named them Penny, Shae, Jamie and Tyrion after characters from George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice & Fire books that Dad enjoyed reading.

The kittens breathed a new life into our little family and they seemed to cheer up my Mum considerably. She just loved playing with them. And of course they were all fascinated by me. They would follow me everywhere especially when I was playing dress-up.

Life gradually returned to its normal routine and once Clara was back from vacation with her family we reverted to spending all our free time together.

We found particular joy in spending hours in the new playground near our homes, with the permission of our parents of course. Our new found freedom was based on trust and maturity as we were both getting a little older now. I was 10 and Clara was 12. She was starting to seem more grown up however and it was me that got the most joy out of the playground’s offerings.

A year later Clara stopped coming round to play. It was shortly after her thirteenth birthday that she seemed to lose interest in me and my childish world. It was the first time that our age difference had ever caused a problem. She had grown into a young woman with more than a touch of her beautiful mother Alexandra in her and she found that boys trailed after her with puppy dog eyes. She told me that her schoolwork was taking up more of her time and I accepted this but I knew deep down that it was just a polite excuse.

I was still too young to be left home alone while Mum was at work so I went to Clara’s house after school every day as usual. She wasn’t usually there as she took part in lots of after school activities. So I found myself spending time with her father, my Uncle Leonardo, instead.

I longed to join Clara at High School and I was extremely impatient about it. The following two years felt like an eternity. But my teenage years would be upon me before I knew it!

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5 thoughts on “Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 2

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    • Thanks BG 🙂
      I had to elaborate on her parent’s relationship, I’m hoping to maybe do a flashback on it later too from Lucinda & Kendrick’s point of view. 😉
      And the kittens, I was expecting 2 and got 4. lol
      Because animals are so curious about vampires in game they follow Kendra around like she’s the pied piper!

  2. I’m glad you didn’t make this typical like other stories. Her dad loves her but in other stories her dad probably would have wanted nothing to do with her or something!

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