Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 3

This is chapter 3 of Child of the Night.
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Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 3

It seemed that some higher power had heard my prayers as the next couple of years passed as quickly as I’d wished them to. My fourteenth birthday was upon me and I was excited that I would finally get to join Clara at highschool. I felt grown up and ready to party.

My Mum, Lucinda, put a dampener on my excitement by insisting that I finish my homework on a Friday night.

“It’s for your own good Kendra, if you get this done then you can relax and enjoy your party tomorrow.” She told me with a sigh.

I glowered at her but did as I was told. I knew better than to mess with my mother.
Which was more than can be said for the opportunist thief who decided to break into our house that night.

My Mum is super fit, thanks to her career in local football team the Twinbrook Llamas, so the second the alarm went off she did not hesitate to get out there and beat the skinny thief down. By the time the police arrived the crook was begging for mercy.

I was glad the drama was over as it would soon be time for my friends to arrive for my party.

Just like old times Clara and I were soon indulging in a pillow fight which turned into a massive match as our school friends joined in.  However I didn’t have all of her attention that night.

Clara had been dating class joker Jeb Humphries for little over a year and they often stopped whatever they were doing to lock lips, much to the annoyance of other girls who were a bit jealous.

After a whole evening of pillow fights, dancing, joking and eating too much junk food it was time to collapse into a carb coma in our sleeping bags.

I was a little self conscious about sleeping in the same room as my friends as I’d been told in the past that the sounds I make when I sleep are a little different. Luckily everyone was too zonked out to notice anything strange.

Now that Clara and I were at the same school again we renewed our friendship. We would often be found together giggling about boys or the latest celebrity scandal.  But as close as we were it became obvious we moved in different social circles. Whilst I found myself drawn to the group of amateur hacks that made up the school newspaper Clara was a cheerleader and always surrounded by the poplar kids.

When I voiced my concerns about our differences Clara laughed and gave me a hug.

“Aaw Cous’ you use that grey matter of yours too much. I love you, we are family. Blood means much more than friendship. Don’t you ever forget that.”

With my mind put at rest I relaxed a little and that weekend I decided to go and watch my football superstar Mum lead her team out at the Llama’s stadium.  Her team won 5-0 with her scoring a hat-trick of goals. She really was a true local hero.

If I was honest with myself I felt slightly jealous of both my Mother and Clara. Both of them were well-known around our town and both were appreciated for their efforts within the community. I felt invisible compared to them.  I suppose that’s why I then did the stupidest thing I ever did at school.

On a Monday morning I left for school early with the intention of creating my own news worthy story. I was going to let all the frogs out of their terrariums in the science lab and set them free in the school grounds.  However I hadn’t realised that teachers get into school early. I was caught out and taken to the police station as punishment.

Mum was less than impressed with me when I was released that evening. It was bad enough that I’d spent the day in jail but picking me up interrupted a charity dinner she was hosting.

“What the hell Kendra?! You’ve always been such a good kid, I just can’t understand what’s got into you lately!”

I’d never seen her so angry before, not at me anyway. It was quite intimidating.

“I’m sorry Mum,” I mumbled looking down at my shoes, “I just wanted to be noticed.”

“Well you certainly managed that sweetie! Please just don’t do anything like that again.”

I nodded and promised to behave.

I took my promise to behave seriously. I had important exams coming up anyway so my schoolwork demanded my full attention. Not even our cute furballs could distract me from my studies.

As a reward for working hard I was allowed to accompany Clara to her prom.
She’d broken up with Jeb after catching him cheating on her with a fellow cheerleader, so she gave me his ticket and I was proud witness to her being crowned prom queen.

That summer Clara turned 21 and grew into a beautiful shapely woman.
Her gift for getting people to listen to her hadn’t gone unnoticed by her Mayor father and he secured her an internship with his council at Twinbrook Town Hall.

Although Clara had graduated I didn’t have time to miss her. Schoolwork was getting harder and more important, but it was something else entirely that diverted my attention.

Yes, that’s right, I had my head turned by a boy, a boy called Notzo Curious. Notzo’s family had just moved to our little town and he needed someone to show him around.  I didn’t know it at that time but Notzo would become my very first true love.

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