The Sims 3 – Social Features Coming with March 2012 Game Update

So today EA posted a video explaining the social feautures coming with the March 2012 Sims 3 update which will link in with the new Sim Pages that they are working on right now (hence the official site being out of service today).

All I can say is that it seems totally pointless and judging by the overwhelmingly negative response on You Tube I’m not alone.

Traditional Sims Players are not interested in spammy updates about their friends games. If we want to know what’s going on in our friends games we’ll go to forums when we feel like it thank you very much.

Okay, yes we’ll be able to turn off this feature but I’m not sure I even want it in the first place.  I think I’ll definitely be holding off installing the next update. At least until Twallan has updated his mods to match and fix whatever EA break.

This will only serve to fan the flames of simmer rage that were ignited by the original announcement of the inclusion social features in the imminent Showtime EP. It seems even those who aren’t buying Showtime will be subjected to installing social features if they want to keep their game up to date.

I really don’t like what they are doing to my favourite game.

That’s my jaded viewpoint. What’s yours?


The new My Pages are live and they inform all your friends of every little comment you make.
This is live update overkill – if we had a news feed and our own wall to control (like Facebook) then it would be okay. But with this constant live feed, unless you are on the site 24/7 then you will miss most comments.  I’d happily like to see new uploads from friends but not every single little comment that they make to other people. That feels disconcertingly voyeuristic.

14 thoughts on “The Sims 3 – Social Features Coming with March 2012 Game Update

  1. To me there is no ‘option’ about these features. The only option is not to play. I believe money and time would be better spent on fixing the mass of outstanding issues the game already has. Not only that perhaps they should listen to what the simming community would really like…I can bet that it certainly wouldn’t be ‘social features’ or ‘new sim pages’ at the top of their list.
    EA just disappoint me…as always; so in a way, all this is no surprise. EA…well done, pat on the back for your EPIC FAIL!!!

    • Absolutely agreed that they should put more focus into fixing existing bugs / glitches.
      I would rather they took their time to iron out current issues then constantly pushing new features and EPs SPs on us. If we had a game that worked perfectly then we’d perhaps be more open to new ideas. However that said, I really don’t see the point of updates from our friends games, it seems inane.

  2. I’d rather not have this at all. But I’ll definitely be turning the ‘feature’ off
    And never mind listening to the Simming community….try bloody ASKING in the first place

  3. I went to look at my page just now, and there was your comment, with a reply from Tanya. So then I went to look at the other parts of my page (all still there as they always have been, so basically only the home page has changed…to a…shudder…FB wall).

    Then I went back to look at your comment again, and guess what? It’s now GONE! So if you DO want to read something that someone else posted, get it done completely the first time! Even more than insane, it’s also glitchy…so what else is new?

  4. I do not think I am at all happy…I did not buy Showtime and I have as you call it Kat been spammed.
    I’m frustrated and at this point I now have to decide if I am going to delete my Friends list.
    How Sad Indeed!!!

  5. Why I don’t bother using the forum or installing Pets yet. I use CC from 3rd parties so, I have no need to update the “window thing from hell” (the launcher). Granted, I’m stuck in limbo with just Generations, but gameplay is still somewhat satisfying…somewhat. If I’m bored, that’s what Skyrim is for.

    • E I feel for you the most, as a mac user even fixes the community have created to fix EA’s mess ups are out of reach for you and now you can’t even login to the official site as you need an origin account which you can’t have. They really have ballsed up big time this time. Its again putting a stall on me even thinking about ordering Showtime, they have destroyed any trust I might have had left.

  6. Well I have one thing to say to EA “EPIC FAIL”!! I am going to make one final post on my page and hope the friends that matter get to see it, but I have my doubts sadly. It was my enjoyment and pleasure to visit my friends simpages and leave a “Have a nice weekend”, “Day”, “Holiday”, whatever, and now I am literally stripped of that ability to bring the gift of a smile or laughter to my friends. It was one of my ways of giving back yo my community of friends for all the wonderful gifts that has been bestowed upon me over the last few years, and now it’s gone 😦
    So I will leave one final comment for all to see, that I will not be bothering with my simpage anylonger being that I can’t be bothered with spam of what goes on in peoples games. So sad, but take a flipping BOW EA, you have managed to turn off the majority of this community so badly that many will be leaving with no intent to ever return (and yes I know several)…so sad 😦

    • I agree Terry, I think the saddest thing about all these new social features is that it has split the community firmly in two. This is evidenced by the even stevens likes vs dislikes on the youtube page for the above clip.

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