Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 6

This is chapter 6 of Child of the Night.

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Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 6

I loved my Mum so much. Even if she did really believe that I was the vampire that the press rumours were about she never let on.

We spent the day together happily reminiscing over my younger years.

We also spoke about the difficulties I was having getting my writing career off the ground.

She had a far away look in her eyes before she responded to my problem.

“Oh Kendra, I wish my mother, your grandmother Lara was still here. She wrote and sold many children’s and adult fiction books. She would know exactly what to tell you. But I’m a sportswoman, writing isn’t my forte.”

That evening I decided to pay a visit to the Magna family area of Twinbrook’s Graveyard. A good few generations of our family are buried in a plot bought by my  great-grandparents.  I was curious to visit my Grandmother’s grave and ask her for spiritual advice.

I soon got some guidance in a more literal manner!

The ghost of my grandmother Lara appeared. Oddly I didn’t feel scared. I suppose that the dead and vampires have some strange affinity that makes us comfortable in each other’s presence.

“Gran! It’s so great to see you again!”

She smiled a luminous smile at me.

“Kendra my sweet, I am aware the you are following in my literary footsteps. I always hoped that I might pass the writing gene on to one of my own daughters. That didn’t happen, but I am pleased to see it simply skipped a generation.”

For the next few hours I got her agreement to give me tips on writing. It was such an enjoyable conversation that the time just flew by. Just before dawn she faded away but promised to be there should I need her again.

She left me with one invaluable tip.

“To write well you must first live your life and love deeply.”

I put her advice into practice the very next day.

I invited my old high school boyfriend Notzo around. The attraction between us was just as electric as it had been when we were at school.

I had worried that my vampiric transformation would have made him change his mind about being with me but he couldn’t wait to pull me into his arms.

My cousin Clara was cooking dinner and talking to us but we barely heard a word that she said. We were so wrapped up in each other.

We took a momentary break from each others affections whilst he ate the dinner that Clara had prepared. I found food less than appealing these days so I watched television whilst they ate.

Clara went to bed not long after that which left Notzo and I alone together.
I soon forgot all about  the program that was on the TV.

Curiously I discovered that my sexual attraction to Notzo also sparked a fresh longing for blood within me. My fangs were at full stretch but Notzo was not phased by it.

In fact he willingly offered me his neck confessing that he was actually a bit turned on by the idea.

After my thirst was sated I felt even more connected to him. I’d never had a willing blood donor before.  However we both still had another hunger that we needed to quell.

We spent the rest of the evening together in my bed. I still think of that night as the moment that I truly became a woman.

It was funny how easily we fell into a routine. Notzo moved in with us and we often started our days with him eating breakfast while I worked on my book.

Clara was usually out of the house before it got light. She was working really hard at the Town Hall.

Since her internship finished she had hit the campaign trail for her father as a junior podium polisher. But I knew she was frustrated that she wasn’t progressing faster.

After work she would often take off for a ride on her powerful motorbike. She said that it helped calm the frustration she was feeling.

One particular evening she ended up at her parent’s house.

Her Mum Alexandra fixed her a plate of home-made spaghetti and sat her down for a talk.

“Mum will I ever get anywhere in politics? I’ve been slogging my guts out but there are younger people getting ahead of me. I just don’t know what to do.”

Her mother swallowed a mouthful of food before she replied.

“You need to talk to your father. He’s mayor after all. He’ll know what to tell you. You should benefit from his experience.”

Her father Leonardo did wonders to buoy her confidence.

“Clara my dear sometimes it helps to vary your experience and the best way of doing this is to travel and work in other places. You are doing a wonderful job and believe me it’s been noticed but I have to keep in mind not to show you any favouritism at work just because you are my beautiful wonderful daughter.”

Clara told us all about it over drinks in our favourite bar Merlotte’s.
I was happy to see the shine of ambition back in her eyes.

But I wasn’t quite prepared for her big idea.

 “So, I was thinking, maybe we should look at moving to a city, Bridgeport maybe?”

I laughed.

“It’s a great idea Clara but I can’t afford that at the moment.”

Notzo agreed with me.

“Yeah sorry Clara, maybe in a few years?”

She sighed but then smiled.

“You’re right, we need to save up a bit first. Lets forget it for now and hit the dance floor!”

Notzo went to get more drinks whilst Clara and I danced to dodgy old hits like Love Shack by the B52s.

When the local paparazzi, who had almost destroyed my reputation previously, appeared we decided it was time to go home.

There was still so much we all wanted to achieve in life but for now we were happy to be young and having fun.

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7 thoughts on “Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 6

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  2. I really enjoyed this chapter. Going to her Grandmother’s ghost was fun……awwwwww…..looks like Notzo loves Kendra for herself. Looking forward to your next update.

    • Thank you BG 🙂
      Twinbrook’s graveyard is one of the most active I have ever come across in the game, I frequently see about 10 ghosts, not all the Magna family though.
      When her Gran showed up it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. She really was an author 😉

      Notzo certainly is infatuated with Kendra and that’s okay, for now. 😉

    • Thanks Louise, they are quit impressive aren’t they?
      When she first aged up the game fluffed and didn’t give them to her, I had to edit her in CAS to put them on. lol 😀

  3. I loved this update! I liked that she could talk to her Grandmother and that her and Notzo have reignited their passion for each other:)

    I love your Merlotte’s bar! I’m so obsessed with True Blood! And I love that B52s song too!:)
    Can’t wait for more!

    • Thank you Claire 🙂
      Yay another True Blood fan, always good to find more of those! 😀
      I’ve been rewatching season 3 trying to get inspired for another Bon Temps build, it will happen soon I think!

      Gotta love the Love Shack – its cheesy but brilliant. lol

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