Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 7

This is chapter 7 of Child of the Night.

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Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 7

That Friday my Mum, Lucinda, and my Uncle Leonardo paid us a visit.  They arrived mid afternoon so I happily kept them entertained.

It was late by the time my cousin Clara returned home, she’d been putting in a lot overtime at work lately, so she offered to take her Dad home. My Mum had opted to spend the night with us so I stayed behind to make up the spare room and keep her company.

Clara’s Dad insisted on driving when they got to the car.  He didn’t drive often any more but felt more comfortable doing so with someone else present.

“You’re working too hard young lady,” he told his daughter as he drove.

“I just want to be as great at politics as you are Dad!”

“There’s more to being great at your job than putting in all the hours God sends though.  You should be thinking about finding a nice young man and settling down.”

Clara rolled her eyes. Sometimes her Dad’s traditional values grated on her.

“I don’t need a man Dad. I want to make it on my own and be in control of my money.”

“Okay honey, I just want you to be happy that’s all.”

By the time they arrived at her parents house their little disagreement in the car was forgotten and they were soon laughing and joking about her Dad’s political opponents and their weak tactics.

Her Dad asked her to stay for dinner and Clara offered to cook. They might not always see eye-to-eye but deep down Clara was a real Daddy’s girl.

It was while she was in the kitchen preparing a meal that she heard a scream from her mother, Alexandra, that made her blood run colder than mine.

“Nooooo! Please don’t take him from me!”

Her mother’s screams were in vain however as it seemed age had caught up with her father and his time on this earth was up.

After the coroner, Grim E Reaper, showed up to take the body, mother and daughter fell into each other’s arms sobbing hysterically.

“Mum, I can’t believe it, why Dad? why now?!”

Clara’s mother held her tighter as between sobs she replied.

“I don’t know darling, it must just have been his time. I wasn’t ready for it either, it doesn’t seem real right now”

Once Clara composed herself she called me to pass on the news.

“Kendra…it’s my Dad…he..well..he’s gone.”

I was confused.

“Gone? Gone where.”

“To heaven, I hope, he just passed away here at home. Please let Aunt Lucinda know. I’m going to spend the night here to look after my Mum.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My Uncle Leonardo, whom Clara had hero worshipped ever since she was a child, was dead.

I forced a smile on my face in an effort to sound reassuring.

“Sure, I’ll let my Mum know. You take care of your Mum and yourself okay?”

Clara thanked me and put down the phone.

Now I had the unenviable task of telling my Mum that her oldest brother had passed on.

Mum was shocked and upset but equally glad that we were together to comfort each other.

We hugged for a long time before reminiscing about Uncle Leonardo’s younger years until we were too tired to talk any more.It was only once we were emotionally and mentally exhausted that we turned in to bed.

The following day Clara surprised us all by going into work. She said that she felt the best way to honour her father was to continue his good work at the Town Hall.

But after work she would go straight to the graveyard and spend hours weeping at his headstone.

When she did return home she was so tired that she didn’t eat any dinner, she simply fell into a deep sleep on the living room sofa.

I’d often come down at night and find her still there in her work clothes. I’d find a blanket and cover her with it. I was truly worried about her state of mind.

After a few weeks of this routine I decided to invite her Mum around so that we could all comfort each other.

At first it seemed to be the tonic that we all needed. We all settled down in Notzo’s room to watch cheesy films like He’s Just Not That Into You and the mood in the house seemed to raise a little.

It was lovely to just relax with my cousin and aunt. It made me realise how lucky I was to have such a close-knit family.

But the happiness didn’t last long as disaster struck. Just as the last film ended my Aunt Alexandra passed on to join her husband in the next life.

None of us could quite believe it and Clara was beyond angry at the timing.

All I could do was put my feelings aside and be there for Clara.

I held her for hours that night. I just let her cry until she could cry no more. It was utterly heartbreaking to see her so devastated by the deaths of both of her parents in such quick succession.

It wasn’t long before Alexandra Magna’s gravestone was crafted and placed beside her husband Leonardo’s in the Twinbrook graveyard.

Clara was still distraught but having somewhere she could go to talk to her parents gave her some comfort.

Their deaths had a profound affect on Notzo and I also. I was worried that I might lose my own mother soon and Notzo was concerned about his own mortality.

He begged me to turn him.

“Just think Kendra, if you turn me then even if everyone else around us passes on we will still be alive and we can be together for all of your lifetime.”

I was hesitant to agree with him but I was desperate not to end up alone.

So I gently cupped his face, sank my teeth in and drank deeply. Three days from now Notzo would join me in his new life as a vampire.

End of Chapter 7
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