Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 8

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Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 8

A few days had passed since I’d agreed to turn Notzo into a vampire.
The effects of the change were not agreeing with him and he was often seen hugging the toilet bowl.

However at the end of that week his body seemed prepared to complete the change even if he wasn’t quite ready for it mentally.  It was an unnerving experience for him as he felt his blood boil in his veins.

Before he had time to understand what was happening the change took a deep hold of him and red light shone from his eyes as the transformation completed.

Now that he was a vampire, my childhood sweetheart would be like me and with me forever!

That evening we paid a visit to my mother Lucinda to break the news.
Ever since my cousin Clara’s parents had passed away I’d been making sure I spent a lot of time with my own Mum. Their deaths had brought home to me just how short and fragile human life was. Every hug I had with my Mum I cherished.

Notzo leaned in for what looked like a playful kiss of my Mum’s hand.
I giggled but the smile was soon wiped from my face.

Notzo did not kiss my mother’s hand. He bit her!
Even my vampire Dad had never done that to her as she had never wanted it.

I had never been so angry in all my life.

“Are you serious? The first person you bite is MY mother? What the hell Notzo?!”

He seemed surprised at my outburst.

“But I’m a vampire now. I thought that’s what I was supposed to do. I couldn’t help it. When I looked at her wrist I could see the blood pulsing!”

I was now deeply in an angry red mist. No one, not even someone I loved, was going to bite my mother and get away with it.

“Oh come on Notzo, you don’t seriously think that was okay? Have you ever seen me bite anyone without their permission? No, you damn well know you haven’t! That’s it, we’re finished.”

Notzo begged me to reconsider.

“Kendra please, it was a mistake I love you!”

“No, we’re done. You knew the rules. I sat you down a few nights ago and explained them all. And of all the people to break them with you choose my mother. To me that is a deal breaker.”

It was then I realised Notzo had changed more than just his species. His personality was unrecognisable.

He bared his fangs at me and shouted.

“FINE! Your mother is an idiot anyway. Why else would she have a daughter as stupid as you!”

With that parting shot he left the room in a blur vowing to move out of our house that very night.

I could do little else but accept that I had ruined my relationship by making him a creature of the night like myself. I didn’t understand what had gone wrong but I knew it was too late to fix it.

When I returned home that evening Notzo was already gone and Clara was sitting on the sofa watching TV. It was then she voiced her big idea to me again.

“Kendra I’ve been thinking, now that my family has passed on and you’re no longer with Notzo, why don’t we take this chance to use my inheritance money and move to the city? I think a change of scene would do both of us good. There are too many ghosts in this town for me and getting away would take your mind off of your break up. Also I’ve had a job offer from City Hall in Bridgeport that I would be a fool to pass up.”

I had to give it too her, she was persistent and doing a heck of a job selling the idea to me.

“Lets do it. I’m sick of this backwater town too. And maybe I can find a publisher who will take me seriously as an author in the city.”

That weekend we packed up and headed for the big city. It was quite a sight to behold. The buildings and people all seemed so different to the town of Twinbrook that we had grown up in.

We glanced around us wide-eyed with excitement as the taxi pulled up the tall apartment building that would now be our home.

 As we walked towards the lift that would take us to our floor Clara smiled at me.

“This is it Kendra, I can feel it. This is where we can make our dreams come true.”

I smiled back at her, wishing I could be as sure as she was. I didn’t really know what Bridgeport would hold for us.

End of chapter 8.
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Take a look at the penthouse apartment that the girls are moving into


16 thoughts on “Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 8

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  2. I finally had a chance to take time off and read your story and…. I LOVE IT! I loved every minute of reading this! You have done fantastic job and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Aaw thanks Kelian – I was hoping you would get a chance to have a look as you love writing too. Really glad you enjoyed it so far. I still have quite a bit to write, it’s a very interesting story to play as well as tell.

  3. I have chills! First tears reading Chapter 7 and then excitement that they are going Bridgeport now and that fabulous penthouse apartment you’ve fixed up for them!! chills – I have chills….

    Great, great story Kat!! xoxo

  4. Great transition! I’m so sad about Notzo, though! I’m hoping against hope that he’ll be able to work through his problems and sometime they’ll get back together!

    • Thank you Linda, I had to really think about exactly when to make the move with the girls. I think I timed it right.
      Well he is now living his new life as a vampire alone back in Twinbrook so you never know! 😉

  5. Oh my! Naughty, Naughty Notzo!! How is Kendra’s Mother??? Did he turn her or just bite her? I haven’t played the vamps much so I can’t remember how it goes…..

    The penthouse looks great….looking forward to seeing more of this story 😀

  6. I can’t believe Notzo bit her mother! That’s just going too far!lol!
    I love the apartment, it looks great:)

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