Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 9

This is chapter 9 of Child of the Night.
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Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 9

The day after we moved into the penthouse apartment in Bridgeport, my cousin Clara put her networking skills to use.

While I sipped on some plasma juice, which was abundantly available in the city, she was on the phone to City Hall checking the plans for her first day working for the local council.

I sometimes envied her ambition and drive to succeed.  I had yet to get my career as an author off the ground. I just hoped the city would aid me with this as Clara believed that it would.

It wasn’t long before the carpool turned up to take Clara to her new job. I waved her goodbye at the door and wished her luck although I didn’t think she needed it.

Unknown to me, Clara was actually very nervous. The council in the city was much bigger and more important than that of rural Twinbrook where we came from.

She hoped that they would welcome her ideas and not laugh her out of the building.

The building itself was very imposing. It was at least twice the size of Twinbrook Town Hall  and was topped by a large copper plated dome.

When she finished her first day I decided that we should hit the town to celebrate her new job and make the most of our new urban life.

We spent a good couple of hours getting ready, we were determined to look glamorous and fit in with the cool city crowd.

We decided to try out a trendy bubble bar at a club called Aquarius. Breathing in the fruit scented bubbles made us both feel light-headed and giggly.

High on bubbles we felt less inhibited and decided to try out the rooftop dance-floor.

The view over the city was breathtaking. It was hard to believe that we now lived in such an incredible and vibrant place.

The next morning whilst I slept in, Clara somehow got herself out of bed by 6am. She made herself some breakfast and quietly left the apartment long before I rose.

When I finally managed to move myself from the comfort of my bed I decided to head down to a local publishers with samples of my work. Outside the grand building I felt hopeful as I saw titles from some of my own favourite authors in the display windows.

I dropped off my work with the receptionist and prayed it would make it onto a publishers desk. Then I wondered back out into the city dreaming of the day I’d see my own name in those windows.

I was so lost in my reverie that I almost bumped into a smartly dressed man walking towards me.

“Oh…I’m so sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going.” I mumbled feeling colour flush my face.

The man smiled at me.

“Its okay. I wouldn’t have minded. I’m Ebenezer Clavier, but you can call me Eb.”

It turned out that Eb had lived in the city for six years. He moved here, like many others, chasing a dream. He wanted to be the conductor of the symphonic orchestra but at the moment he was happy working at the theatre selling tickets.

He recognised a fellow outsider in me and spent the rest of the afternoon showing me around the city.

Once I returned home I felt inspired enough to write a new chapter on my book “The Girl with Diamond Eyes.”

By the time Clara arrived home I could feel my eyes aching from hours staring at the screen.

So I turned off the computer and settled onto the sofa to hear about her day.

“It was good today Kendra, I’m only a junior member on the council but I really feel like they are listening to me. I don’t have the stigma of being the Mayor’s daughter here. Dad was right, getting experience elsewhere was the perfect idea, God rest his soul.”

It was fantastic to see her happy.

“That’s great! Now all we need is for someone to buy my book and we’ll run this city!”

Clara laughed. “You’re crazy. But I love you. What’s put you in such a great mood?”

I smiled shyly. “I met someone, outside the publishers. He’s kinda cute.”

Clara punched me playfully on the arm. “Oh Kendra’s got a crush! When do I get to meet him?”

“I dunno its early days yet.” I said guardedly.

But I was already secretly dreaming of what it would be like to kiss Eb.

I got my chance sooner than I had hoped. Eb called around the following afternoon.

It was ridiculous really, I barely knew him but we just seemed to spark. I felt like a
teenager all over again.

After I showed him around the apartment I realised the attraction was mutual. He had barely taken his eyes off of me the whole time.

Conversation suddenly seemed to allude both of us.

“So, you’ve seen everything…”

“Thanks, it’s a nice place you’ve got here. What shall we do now?”

I decided to take my chance and I moved in for a kiss.

I was pleased when he accepted it and we both felt the tension in the room dissipate.

As usual sexual chemistry aroused more than one type of lust within me.

I leaned in closer. “Would you mind if I…?”

Eb looked me in the eyes with a smile signalling something between lust and curiosity. He nodded his consent.

I felt him shudder with pleasure as I gently sunk my teeth in.

After I drank my fill, I thanked him and kissed him goodbye. We both agreed that we should go on a proper date and soon.

His blood left me with a surge of energy and I spent the rest of the day working solidly in my book.

I didn’t even notice that night had fallen and Clara had not returned home.

I later learned that she had gone out for dinner with her new boss Harry Marks and his family. She had spent the evening exhaustively trying out her ideas on him.

When she finally did return home I was still typing furiously away. I didn’t take in a word she was saying to me.

I just about managed to mutter “Night.” to her as she traipsed upstairs to bed.

Poor Clara was so obsessed with getting ahead in her career that she even dreamed about politics at night. Had I realised how intense her ambition had become I might have stepped in at that point to calm her down.

But I was in my writing zone and it was nigh on impossible for anything to distract me from my focus. This would later have consequences that I could never have imagined.

End of Chapter 9.

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Extra: Blooper Reel from the Twinbrook years


7 thoughts on “Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 9

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    • The consequences will come a little later after Kendra turns her at her request.
      I’m really glad you’re still enjoying it – I just wish I had more free time to write it!

  2. Love is something beautiful, even under vampieres. Kat its a wonderful description . 🙂
    “I felt him shudder with pleasure as I gently sunk my teeth in.”

    I read your chapter with passion. I’m looking forward to the next series… 😉

  3. Hey! I’m so sorry, I read this a while ago on my phone and got distracted before I had a chance to reply! I’m ditzy like that!lol!
    This was a great chapter! I love that they’re enjoying their time in Bridgeport and I can’t wait to see what the consequences are!

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