Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 12

This is Chapter 12 of Child of the Night to read from the beginning please go to the Contents Page.

*Adult Content Warning*
This chapter will contain some adult material. Forewarned is forearmed. 

Chapter 12 – Drunk on Power

Clara’s Perspective

A week after I became a vampire I began to tire of eating synthetic blood substitutes.   My cousin Kendra tried to convince me of their merits but I was always left longing for the real thing.
It was then I remembered my encounter with celebrity fitness instructor Moxie Logan not long after I had turned.  She had oozed health and vitality in a way that made me crave her.

I decided to pay her a visit and, to ensure her compliance with my wishes, I used my powers to read her mind and plant a need for me in her consciousness.

Once her attention was focused on me I went on a charm offensive, the politician in me couldn’t help it.

“I just had to seek you out Moxie, I need to get in shape for my campaign and I can’t think of anyone better to train me.”

“Thanks Clara! I’d be happy to put together a plan for you. I really think you are good for this city.”

Flattery and mind control seemed to work in perfect harmony.

I knew that now was the moment to get what I really wanted.

“Excellent! We’ll get to the fitness program later. For now I need something else of yours to improve my health…”

I moved my head towards her wrist preparing to bite.

Moxie seemed unsure but she was also fascinated. I wasted no more time. I sank my teeth in and she yelped in pain. Clearly I needed more practice!

However the pain was forgotten seconds later when the endorphins, stimulated by the bite, kicked in. This was what made many humans into willing blood donors.

The rush of her blood swam in my veins as I licked the last drop from my hand. This was far more pleasurable than eating plasma fruit!

I was overcome with the need to thank Moxie for her “donation”.

Before I could stop myself I placed a kiss on her lips.
To my surprise she accepted it readily.

Overcome with lust and excitement I let her lead me to her bedroom where we made out until tiredness overcame us.

When I woke up alone the next morning I felt a wonderful sense of calm. It was like her blood and touch soothed a longing deep within me. I was ready to take on the world.

I returned home with renewed energy and ambition. I decided to convince Kendra that throwing a campaign fundraiser at our apartment would be a good idea.

“I think the time is right Kendra. I need to put this new energy of mine to good use. I will be the best politician Bridgeport has ever had. They just need to realise it.”

Kendra didn’t generally like having too many people around but she agreed to appease me.

I spent the day preparing the apartment for the party. I dusted, hoovered and prepared upmarket canapés for the guests. I felt pretty proud of myself, it looked perfect.

The first hurdle I had to overcome was convincing my boss Harry Marks that this was the best fundraiser he’d ever been too. Luckily with my new mind control powers this wasn’t too much of a problem. I may have been cheating but I had to succeed at all costs.

Once everyone arrived I went into full on schmooze mode. Moxie was helping me out by playing some classical piano leaving me free to keep the guests entertained.
I used my old cheer-leading skills to high-five the manager of the Bridgeport Falcons football team and I talked up my political party to all the high-powered guests.

As I got ready for bed that night I was confident that the fund-raiser had been a roaring success. I had never felt more powerful and in control in my life.


Ebenezer’s Perspective

I was rushing late from work to attend Clara’s fundraiser as support for Kendra when I was stopped in the lobby by a woman I hadn’t seen for many years: My Mother.

It seemed word had reached her back in Sunset Valley that I was dating a vampire and she was less than happy.

“We sent you to the city to conduct an orchestra not to fool around with some undead bitch!”

I was taken aback by the vitriol in her tone. My mother had always been controlling but I was a grown man now and I was displeased with her description of the woman I loved.

“Woah! That is unfair you don’t even know her!”

“I don’t have to know her Eb my dear, she is an abomination and I will not tolerate it!”

I was hurt to my core but determined to stand my ground. Mother dearest would not win this time. Kendra was it for me, the one and only woman I wanted in my life.

“Mother, I pray that one day you will come to know her and change your mind. Kendra was born a vampire, it is not something she can change and I wouldn’t ask her to. I love her the way she is and if you can’t accept that then you should leave right now.”

The woman who brought me into this world stared at me coldly before turning on her heel and striding out to the street. I let out a sigh of frustration but continued on to Kendra’s apartment determined not to let the disagreement affect me.

Once inside it seemed I was too late for the party. All the guests had left and I found my beautiful girlfriend getting ready for bed. Without saying a word I stripped down to my underpants and took her in my arms. After the argument with my mother I felt a need to leave my mark on Kendra, to love her deeper than I ever had before.

I was desperate to feel as close to her as possible and so I asked her to bite me. There was something magical about her bite that left me feeling euphoric and I also luxuriated in the pleasure drinking me clearly gave her.

We didn’t even make it to the bed after she bit me, I pushed her onto the rug on her floor and forced her legs apart. I couldn’t wait a second longer to be inside her and the moan she emitted as I entered her told me that she felt the same. God I loved this woman.

Once it was over we both climbed into her bed and held each other close. I knew in that moment that I was right and I just hoped that one day my parents would understand my decision.

End of Chapter 12

Stay Tuned for More!


8 thoughts on “Child of the Night: The Kendra Magna Story – Chapter 12

  1. This was a great chapter!
    The power is really getting to Clara, I hope she doesn’t go too far and get herself into trouble.
    Poor Eb, having a mother who disapproves of his relationship with Kendra. They make a lovely couple!:)

  2. Whoa…..Clara is feeling the power! Now she can be a real politician ….lol. I haven’t seen the “high-five” social …..does that come with the Political Career? I really enjoyed your update.

  3. Dear All – Unfortunately Sims 3 ended with a game breaking glitch for me and I’ve now moved to a new PC and Sims 4 – but if this is where it had to end I’m okay with that. Thank you all for your time and comments.

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