Real Life is a Rollercoaster – Brief Update

I know I haven’t posted anything lately or updated my downloads website at all but I have a good reason. At the start of July I was made redundant from my job and have spent most of the month working out the legal technicalities of my agreement as well as job hunting. I do however have good news. I have found a new job which I start this Monday which I am both nervous and excited about.

I also took some time out to celebrate the birthdays of my Fiance and one of my best friends and I saw the Olympic Torch Relay in Uxbridge Town Centre.

The Olympic Torch passed through Uxbridge Town Centre, Middlesex, UK.
It was carried by Munir Azizshalizi, a local taekwondo teacher from Hayes

On the sims side of things I do have two lots that are currently only available on my Simpage (I put everything there before I post it anywhere else) Both have been thoroughly play tested and if anyone is interested here is a preview of them:

Download Details (contains only 2 free store items)

Download Details (contains many store items including some from Lucky Palms)

I have found some time to play and I have, of course, spent some time with Kendra & Clara Magna, the cousins from my Child of the Night story. I will be working on a new chapter soon but for now here’s a sneaky peak picture of the girls:

Looks like some kind of party is happening! 😉

Stay tuned to find out more!



5 thoughts on “Real Life is a Rollercoaster – Brief Update

  1. Hi ya Kat……I was wondering where you were. Sorry to hear about your old job but now you have a new life adventure…..good luck with you new job. How very exciting to see the Olympic torch! I love the Olympics 😀

    Gave you Rec’s on you builds. Have a good weekend!

  2. Hooray for the new job, Kat!!! That’s so wonderful! Glad you’ve had some Simming time, too. The houses are gorgeous! Going to look at the next chapter in the story.

    Thank you so much for sharing the picture of the torch going by. What a great memory that will be! As you already know, I’m also an Olympics fan. 😉

  3. Oh! I see now that you haven’t written the next chapter yet. That was just a teaser! Looking forward to seeing the next part of the story when it’s ready!

  4. Congratulations on your new job Kat and hoping your first day goes well, and the next and the next …. Hoping you love it!! 🙂

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