My Mistress

I’ve been well and truly bitten by the writing bug.
This second poem today is all about her!

My Mistress

A lover’s touch taps on glass,
Contact cannot be made.
My attention is fully immersed,
Concentrated on my mistress.

With a whisper she ignites me,
With a kiss she excites me,
My eyes are on her body,
I’m fully focused on her need.

She has been lying dormant,
Biding her time, watching mine.
Now her door is unlocked,
She is commanding me again.

She laughs if I resist,
Her tendrils draw me in.
She is exposed to me only.
Confidently keeping close.

I sink into her embrace,
It’s like laying on a cloud.
Crazy laughter surrounds me
As she plays with my mind.

I am not afraid,
At least not for myself.
Others may get hurt
But I am her king.

I wonder how long this inspiration will last?!

Love Kat x


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