Well Hello Again Blog – In Which I Explain Where I’ve Been

Hello Blogsphere!

I’m well aware that I’ve neglected this blog and the internet in general for the last year or so.

Mostly this is because I’ve been consumed by wedding planning fever as well as dealing with an unstable thyroid problem which saps a lot of my energy when not treated correctly.

Now the thyroid is under control and my wedding and honeymoon, which were beyond my dreams, are very recently over.

I will admit that the previously impossible has also happened and I’ve fallen out of love with The Sims PC game. This is due to EA not fixing or caring to fix numerous bugs in the game and also that the direction they seem to be taking it in is not staying true to what most long time fans want (less celebrity endorsement for a start). However I know things change and maybe Sims 4 will be better? We’ll see.

Anyway, my next few posts will be about my wedding because I recently got the official pictures and they are beautiful and I have to share them. It was worth every minute of the planning stess.

Love to you all from a new Mrs!


The Sims 3 Supernatural: highlights from the first live chat

Being the fantasy fan that I am, my excitement since the next Sims 3 Expansion Pack (EP), Supernatural, was announced has been hard to contain. Tonight was the producers first live chat about it. I am going to briefly detail the main points I gleaned from it.

Release Date: First week of September 2012 (day varies depending on region)

You will be able create supernaturals (witches, fairies, vampires, zombies and werewolves) in a variety of ways both in-game, through breeding, magic, biting and, uniquely for this EP, in Create a Sim (CAS). You will also be able to cure any turned sim.

There are five new sliders in CAS. Using these you can further adjust ear orbit & ear points, jaw line, brow definition and nostril flare. An extreme example of their use is on the poor sim below:

There is a new skill that all sims can gain. It is Alchemy and it is gained by mixing elixirs from collectables at a new Alchemy Station. You can make an elixir to turn another sim into a zombie but it isn’t a permanent curse (although they hinted that there are ways of making it permanent if you wish.) It is possible for your sim to die practising alchemy.   There was also a mention of a new haunted death.

If you install Supernatural a new lunar cycle will occur in all of your sim worlds and some sims will act strangely around a full moon. This will be particularly suited to the spooky ambience of the new world Moonlight Falls. It was also hinted that the new world has several mysteries for simmers to uncover.

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