True Blood: Classic Eric and Bill Moments

Here in the UK we have to wait until tomorrow for the next (legal) episode of True Blood on FXUK.

In anticipation I thought I’d remind everyone of some classic macho posturing moments between vampire rivals for Sookie‘s attention Eric Northman & Bill Compton.


Eric taunting Bill about his lackluster parenting skills to Jessica

Eric playing his "I'm the Sheriff" power card

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Sims 3 Bon Temps – Intro (A fusion of Sims 3 and True Blood)

Since December last year I’ve been fusing my obsessions with Sims 3 and True Blood together by recreating lots and characters from the TV series in the game.

I’ve been using a copy of Twinbrook in which I’ve demolished all the premade residential lots.

Here’s how the map looks so far:

Twinbrook Bon Temps Map

Twinbrook Bon Temps Map

As you can see from the empty lots with labels I have quite a way to go but I’m really enjoying the project when I can give it time between work and college. In this project I am trying to use as little custom content as possible to ensure its accessible to most people.

Below is a list of creations that have been made so far. Click the pictures to see more detail and download.

Community Lots:

Merlottes Bar and Grill @ Sims 3 Adventure

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