Sims 3 Bon Temps – Update – Sam Merlotte and His Trailer

For anyone who has been following the progress of my Sims 3 Bon Temps project I am pleased to present an update.

There is now an exclusive section for the project on my downloads website:

To go to the download project page click the logo above

Updated Map Pictures:

New Downloads:

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Click Picture to go to Download Page

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Sims 3: Immortal Dynasty Challenge – Ambrose Family – Part 1

I’ve had to replace my harddrive on my laptop and have since struggled to get back into simming.

As a part of getting myself back on track I’ve decided to try out the Immortal Dynasty Challenge from Carl’s Sims 3 Guide. This may turn out to be an act of lunacy as the rules are very restrictive and I’m not great at sticking to rules as I tend to get caught up in the sims life instead. However, a good sims friend Teresa has done a great job of it and documented it on her blog.

Anyway, here goes nothing….literally as the sim starts out with almost nothing.

Part 1 – Starting Out:
Meet Pandora Ambrose, this pretty young lady has no idea how hard life is about to be for her.
She moved to Barnacle Bay hoping for an easy life on the remote island.
But as she is to be the founder of an immortal family then she will have to work long and hard to obtain the skills and items needed to achieve the (almost) impossible.
Her traits are: Green Thumb, Handy, Ambitious, Neat & Dramatic

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